IAT Aviation provides standard and innovative insurance products to the General Aviation community with a focus on unique, hard-to-place risks. Our mission is to better protect the assets of the insured and to provide insurance producers with easy access to exceptional aviation knowledge and underwriting skill.

The FAA recently published a report that revealed a distinct need for pilot safety and training. As a result, IAT Aviation places emphasis on both.

Target Risks

  • Aerobatic Aircraft
  • Restricted Exhibition or Experimental Exhibition
  • Experimental Amateur Built
  • Rotorcraft
    • Production, Experimental, LSA
  • Waterborne Aircraft
    • Production, Experimental, LSA
  • Flying Clubs

  • Instruction and Rental
  • Patrol, Surveillance, Photography, Mapping
  • Banner and Glider Towing
  • Municipal and Private Airports/Airparks
  • Aircraft Maintenance Facilities
  • Fuel and Oil Sales
  • Other FBOs
  • Facilities Located Off-Airport

How We Compare

We offer $2M hull and $2M liability limits. Under our Flight Test Clause in our Aircraft Policy, aircraft with "Standard" airworthiness certificate, may fall under "Experimental" or "Restricted" airworthiness due to maintenance requirements, equipment changes, or other changes to the aircraft. This addition to our policy fills a gap in our competitors' policies.

Crew members may be entitled to passenger benefits.

Land Gear is always considered part of the aircraft, even when removed and replaced by landing gear designed for water operations.

For Quotes

If you are looking for individual coverage, please contact your aviation specialist broker. If you are a broker, please email quote.aviation@iatinsurance.com