IAT Surety

As one of the largest domestic Surety carriers, we provide Surety products to Construction and Non-Construction companies and individuals. Our primary focus includes small to mid-sized Contractor (GC's/Subs/Engineering/Heavy Highway) Performance and Payment Bond obligations, as well as a comprehensive offering of Compliance, Probate, Financial Guarantee, Customs, Commercial Contract and other obligations to a variety of industries as well as individuals. 

IAT Surety was built on our team’s ability to establish, grow, and maintain long-term relationships with our partners and their valued clients, earning both the agent and Principal’s trust as a service-oriented, reliable surety provider. With deep expertise, we have the flexibility to underwrite based on both the tangible and intangible qualities of our clients and prospects. We focus on the underwriting of each account or bond request based on its own individual merits.

IAT's Surety business unit is headquartered in Newark, NJ with more than 20 regional office locations across the country.

IAT Insurance Group and its business units are rated A- "Excellent" by AM Best with financial size categories ranging from VII to XI. Surety business is written through Harco National Insurance Company (AM Best A- XI). 


Lines of Business


Contract surety is the largest segment of the surety industry. We extend surety credit to a variety of contractors: general, trade, specialty, heavy highway, subcontractors, etc.

  • Work programs supporting single jobs of $50M and aggregate programs of $150M with a willingness to extend beyond these limits when circumstances allow 
  • Local long-term relationships and knowledge of local contractor marketplace
  • Licensed in all 50 states
  • Competitive rate structure


We support a broad range of clients including Fortune 2000, all sizes of privately held companies (including Private Equity sponsored holdings), and applicants needing more transactional bond types.

Our offerings include various non-construction performance bonds, self-insured worker comp bonds, court bonds (including appeal bonds), traditional financial guarantee bonds, L&P, and a wide range of miscellaneous bonds both in public and private sectors, including not-for-profit enterprises.

In addition, we are a market for U.S. Customs bonds thanks to our partnership with C.A. Shea & Company, Inc. C.A. Shea is IAT Surety's Customs bond intermediary, handling all Customs bonding transactions on our behalf. C.A. Shea is the premier Customs bond intermediary in the U.S. and enjoys an impeccable reputation throughout the broker and agent community. Learn more at

Through our Commercial division, we provide single bonds up to $50M and aggregate limits up to $150M with a willingness to extend beyond these limits when circumstances allow.


  • Support for contractors* who do not fit the "standard" surety model
  • Broad single job and aggregate program capability
  • Licensed in all 50 states
  • Funds Control to provide maximum bond capacity to construction firms
  • Multiple forms of collateral like cash, an Irrevocable Letter of Credit, Cash Value of Life Insurance and Real Estate

*Contractors with adverse financial conditions; infrequent bond users; firms with limited financial presentation like tax returns or internal statements


  • We are a leading writer of subdivision bonds across the U.S. with a strong history dating back to the late 1960s when we wrote our first "civil" surety bond
  • Subdivision capacity for commercial developers and large regional and national home builders
  • Single bonds up to $15M and aggregate programs up to $150M

Financial Statements

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