Assumed Reinsurance




IAT Reinsurance is your trusted partner in the world of intermediary-produced treaty reinsurance. Our commitment lies in safeguarding and expanding our capital foundation while offering a wide range of reinsurance solutions across various classes. Strategic partner built to provide efficient surplus relief solutions. Capable of building creative synthetic capital structures to support corporate stability, opportunistic growth strategies and rating agency requirements. Backed by the financial strength of IAT Insurance Group, we stand as an appealing alternative in today's dynamic marketplace.

Our Approach to Success:

At IAT Reinsurance, we've established a clear roadmap to achieve our mission:

  • Attracting and retaining top-tier talent to drive excellence in our operations
  • Demonstrating unwavering responsiveness and integrity in all our interactions
  • Adhering rigorously to our business plan, with a strong focus on achieving pure underwriting profit
  • Providing uninterrupted support to our clients if they meet our underwriting margin prerequisites

Our Expertise and Advantages:

Combining our deep expertise with swift response times and unmatched service, IAT Reinsurance is uniquely positioned to cater to your needs. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of property, casualty and specialty lines, niche products, alternative risk placements, and more. We've successfully navigated intricate situations, from new lines of business to turnaround scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is our Reinsurance Underwriting model?

At IAT Reinsurance, our underwriting model is rooted in the core principles of responsible underwriting. We believe in writing premiums when proper risk pricing is evident and in holding underwriters accountable for their risk decisions. Our underwriters and key staff have personal financial stakes tied to their decisions, ensuring a rigorous and cautious approach.

Where is the traditional reinsurance business written?

Harco National, with its strong balance sheet, serves as the driving force behind our traditional assumed reinsurance business. As a participant in a highly rated pooling arrangement, Harco boasts the financial strength and stability necessary for effective risk management. The Pool is rated A- by A.M. Best and has an A.M. Best Financial Size Category of XI.

Why choose IAT Reinsurance?

Maintaining our private company status allows us to prioritize capital preservation without compromising growth. This policy, driven by our shareholders' commitment, empowers us to offer sustained capacity and financial strength even in challenging markets. While market dynamics might affect our pricing, our steadfast commitment to long-term partnerships remains unchanged.

Contact Information

Choose IAT Reinsurance for reinsurance solutions that prioritize your success, foster trust, and guarantee financial resilience. We have assembled a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals, with expertise in many classes and lines of business. Each has a personal stake in the success of the operation and are thus highly motivated to respond quickly and professionally.

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