The Unofficial IAT Work From Home Guide

April 13, 2021

This temporary work from home arrangement is new for most of us – but that hasn’t stopped the IAT family from getting creative and having fun. We compiled the suggestions and ways several employees shared for working from home – along with some fun memes. Check out some of their tricks on staying focused and engaged below.

DISCLAIMER: These tips might not work for everyone, but they’re guaranteed to give you a smile.

1 – Show Some Spirit

Grab some crazy socks and take note from our GA Truck Underwriting Support group who orchestrated their own spirit week.

Collage of employees

2 – Get Dressed!

Accounting Supervisor Renee says, “Get up and get dressed for work just like when you go into the office, including your hair and makeup (you want to look good in those Zoom meetings). Dressing for the job is a great way to put your mind at work, and not at home.”

Or… there’s always this alternative:

Get dressed


3 – Start that Commute

Renee adds that commuting to a designated work area away from distractions is a great way to stay focused (a spare bedroom or any unused space).

Sometimes, you can really get into it:

Start that commute

4 – Put it in Writing

Associate Business Analyst Elizabeth suggests making a list each morning of the three results you need to deliver by the end of the day. Having a result-driven mindset can make all the difference.

put it in writing

5 – Blame it on the Furry Coworkers

Associate Underwriter Danielle says, “Pretend your pet is your new coworker. As you can see, my furry assistant is quite lazy!”

blame it on the furry coworker

6 – Find Some Mud

Occupying kids while working from home is a job on its own. When Major Case Director Josh and his wife were both pulled into conference calls at the same time, they had to think of a quick plan to keep their kiddos occupied. Sometimes, you’ve just got to get creative – and muddy.

Find some mud

7 – Take Care of Yourself – Break When You Need and Eat Lunch!

Loss Control Specialist Nancy says remember to take care of yourself. “Take a mini break and walk outdoors to get a breath of fresh air.”

Senior Systems Analyst Andrea also reminds employees to take a lunch, “Sometimes we forget when we’re at home and out of the usual routine, but it’s necessary to give your brain a break.”

Take care

8 – Decompress

AVP of Underwriting Dave finishes the day by taking a walk around the neighborhood, “Since I was used to decompressing during my drive home, the walk helps me mentally change from work-mode to home-mode.”

Just make sure to practice social distancing if you see any neighbors:


9 - Honor Your Free Time

Enterprise Project Manager Kathleen advises employees to leave the work at bay once the workday is done, “This means leaving your desk at quitting time. Since your desk is only a few feet away, it’s very easy to slip back in while cooking dinner, or after the kids are in bed. Work if you have to, but not because it’s there.

Honor your free time