Thank You to the IAT Family – Part I

March 27, 2020

These past two weeks have presented us with many challenges – but in true family of answers fashion, employees have gone above and beyond to support our partners, insureds and each other. On Wednesday, we asked all employees to share kudos to colleagues who have been lending a hand, and the response was heartwarmingly overwhelming. In only two days, we have more than 60 responses sharing good deeds from across the company.

Below are a handful of ‘thank you’ notes that highlight several departments, teams and groups. Stay tuned for more kudos roundups over the next several weeks:

Esther G. thanks the IT team:

Kudos to IAT’s IT Team for taking giant steps to leap up to the plate to get us ready to work from home. What an incredible job! Thank you.”

An anonymous ‘thank you’ to the Analytics Group:

“Beginning last week, team members started volunteering to pick up additional work, help other teams in need, make themselves available to co-workers to aid with questions and provide solutions to keep things moving forward. Very grateful to work with such a dedicated group of professionals. Thank you everyone for stepping up!”

Angela R. thanks the Admin Team:

We are all working from home and we have a Zoom meeting every morning. All of my co-workers are going above and beyond to keep each other moving throughout the day and to help each other with any problems or hiccups that arise. Each doing things to carry the other ones in their job. I could not do my job without them. Proud to be a Raleigh Admin staff!”

Michelle D. thanks Independent Contractor Underwriting Support in Kansas City:

“Shout out to everyone for making a smooth transition to working from home, all while keeping an upbeat mood and attitude! A special mention to Debbie M., Maggie R. and Elaine L. for volunteering to stay in-office to hold down the fort ! Excellent teamwork and so appreciated.”

Eddie N. thanks the Naperville office:

“Everyone in the office stepped up in some way shape or form. The mangers were all hands on deck and those with more pc knowledge were helping the less knowledgeable ones. Seeing everyone lookout for each other really made me proud to work for IAT. We have really built the family culture all over the organization.”

Leslie K., Jennifer D., Karla S. and Madison J. thank Maggie R., Elaine L., Debbie M. and Corrina N.:

“Thanks to the three of you for taking phone calls and handling our paperwork while we are working remote. It truly means a lot to know that our paperwork and other office duties are being handled. Thank you for all that you have done to help our team!” – Leslie

“Thank you so much for holding down the fort in the Kansas City office. We would not be able to service our insureds without you.” – Jennifer

“They have stayed in the office while everyone is working from home to do all the paperwork, mail and answer phones, plus do their own work. I really appreciate their help and I know that it has put additional stress on them. Thank you, ladies, from the bottom of my heart.” – Karla

“I just want to thank these ladies for taking care of the office while most of us work from home. They are really going above and beyond the call of duty taking on new tasks as well as paperwork and routing phone calls for the entire office. They have really stepped up and made sure that our customers are taken care of no matter what the technological limitations may be. Thank you so much ladies!” – Madison 

Andrea C. thanks Renee M., Vanessa D., Lorine V., Elizabeth S. and Corrina N.:

“I couldn’t imagine having a better team to work with. Even though we are now miles apart and I can’t just pop over the wall and see them, we all still check-in with each other, offer to help wherever we can, give words of encouragement, funny things throughout the day, and just be completely supportive of each other. I know that even if we can’t be there in person with each other, that we are still all rooting for each other and keeping up with each other. There is no “I” in TEAM.”

Debbie M. thanks Ryan M., Shawn R., Corrina N., Elaine L. and Maggie R.:

“Ryan has been a tremendous help in getting everyone set up with laptops and able to work from home. He went over everything with all of us and helped me make sure mine is ready if and when I have to work from home.

Shawn always has a smile for you and is doing extra cleaning and wiping down of things for us still in the office, she is making sure things get sent to employees already home.

Corrina is in the office with the few of us still here and always checks on us to see how it’s going. We know she is there if we need her.

Elaine and Maggie are in the office with me and we are working as a team to get everything mailed out and taken care of in the office.

Really proud to be a part of this company!”

Cathy C. and Tim M. thank Alisa S., Marisol S. and Kenny M.:

“Due to the circumstances where the majority of us are working remotely, Alia, Marisol and Ken have been reporting to the office to perform their normal duties. Along with a helping hand to the Licensing Department with those urgent request for seals from our agents. Alia, Marisol and Ken have been very diligent in getting those out on our behalf. Therefore, I would like to give Alia and Marisol a big THANK YOU!” – Cathy

“Alia, Marisol and Ken need to be recognized for outstanding service with during this period in our IFIC Newark HO mailroom. They have worked closely with our Licensing Dept. to ship mechanical seal to our insurance agents and have gone above and beyond with LD staff lo supplement what they are doing from their home office locations.” – Tim

Veronica N. thanks Kenny M., Alisa S. and Marisol S.:

“Our office management team in Newark has been amazing, still taking care of us all, as we work remotely! I’ve been telling them thank you almost every day, but just wanted to use this opportunity to thank them! They deserve free lunch when I get back!”

Kathy B. thanks Christina H., Cathy D., Amanda N. and Brooke S.:

“Thanks, Christa for helping me do my job better. Your attention to detail and willingness to step up for additional duties is appreciated so very much.

Cathy, you are a team player in every sense of the word & you always have a smile! Thank you for helping out with all of the rush submissions from Dual. I’m very lucky to have you as my friend & coworker!

Amanda, you are stepping up in a big way to help the underwriting team with file set-ups; quoting and a lot of other things. You are doing a great job! We appreciate you.

Brooke’s motto should be: Keep Calm and Quote On! Thank you for your calmness, compassion, leadership and especially your sense of humor during this unprecedented event.”


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