Make the Most of Videoconferencing with Zoom

March 26, 2020

Zoom is a great tool to help stay connected during this period of remote work. We adopted this tool back in 2018 to empower employees to hold one-on-one and group meetings from anywhere across the company. Zoom has some compelling features for screen-sharing and collaboration to help you make the most of videoconferencing. Also, Zoom can take the place of the 'water cooler' while working from home by using the Instant Meeting feature to connect spur-of-the-moment, or scheduling 'virtual coffee breaks' to check-in with co-workers in a more social way.

Use your full IAT email and network login password to get started in the tool. Once you schedule or prepare to attend or host a meeting, keep these tips in mind to help you take full advantage of Zoom's capabilities: 

When attending a meeting…

  • Test your sound. To do this, select the ^ arrow next to your microphone in the bottom Zoom ribbon. Select Test your Speaker and Microphone to run the test. Make sure the proper microphone and speaker systems are selected. 
  • Turn your camera on. We strongly encourage the use of your camera during this temporary work from home period. Please make sure you select Start Camera when joining a meeting if it isn't already selected. If needed, adjust the height of your camera so you are looking at it from eye level and your whole face is visible.
  • Enhance your video. One of the best tips for working remotely is to get dressed each day as you would for the office to help get you in a productive mindset. If that isn't for you, Zoom can help disguise the WFH look. Select the ^ area next to your camera in the bottom Zoom ribbon. Select Touch Up My Appearance to apply a natural filter to your video. Additionally, select Enable HD to remove pixelation from your screen.
  • Keep lighting in mind. If your face is in shadow, consider moving a light in front of you. Try not to be backlit or sit right in front of a window so the meeting attendees can see you.
  • If you're not speaking, go on mute. This eliminates background noise from interrupting the main audio (if you have kids at home, needy pets, noisy roommates, people performing yard work outside, etc.).
  • Know who is in the meeting. Meetings could be one-on-one, or as big as your whole department (and then some) in Zoom. In those larger meetings, know who all is there by selecting the ^ area next to your camera in the bottom Zoom ribbon. Select Always Display Participant's Name on their Video to know who is there. Also, you have the option in this view to select Display Up to 49 Participants per Screen in Gallery View to see everyone who has dialed in.
  • Share your screen. To enhance collaboration, share your screen to show your team what you're working on in real-time. This will help you brainstorm and concept ideas.
  • Clear your desktop. Remove any files, photos, browser tabs you'd rather not have people see when you share your screen.

​If you have more detailed questions on how to use Zoom, please ask your manager. And check out our resources on for quick guides on how to arrange instant meetings, schedule meetings and even schedule recurring meetings. ​