Let’s Spread Some Positivity

March 25, 2020

Social distancing and working from home may be keeping us apart – but nothing can shake our IAT family spirit. To drum up some positivity during these uncertain times, we're calling on the IAT family to lend some good energy and support to your coworkers.

Stepping Up for the IAT Family

While we're all adjusting to these unfamiliar circumstances, many employees are going above and beyond to help ease the transition and get work done – truly embodying what it means to be A Family of Answers.

If your colleague, team, employee, manager, etc. have stepped it up, show them some love.

Submit kudos to your colleagues using the form below and we'll share a round-up of your praises with the IAT family!


The IAT Family's Tips for Working Remotely

Finding ways to stay focused while working from home is essential. Some of us have this down pat, and for many of us, this is all new. With kids being out of school, old home projects luring and needy pets distracting us, it can be a challenging balance.

Thankfully, we're all in this together and can support each other to stay energized, productive and keep a positive mindset.

How are you staying focused on your IAT goals?

Share your tips for working remotely using the form below, and we'll share your advice with the IAT family!