• On-line, automated FHWA filings – means real time posting of clients' insurance confirmation
  • No charge for FHWA filings – IAT Insurance Group pays the initial filing fee
  • Flexible payment options
  • Reporting form options for fleet accounts
  • Free risk control services provided by professionally trained and experienced loss control representatives
  • Safety newsletters
  • Free on-line Loss Control training, safety materials and document downloads for IAT Insurance Group customers.  (requires separate log-in)

Investigative Services Unit

ISU investigates referrals, tips and leads, and makes reports of suspected fraud to the authorities, as required, for further government investigation and potential prosecution. These anti-fraud efforts are designed to safeguard IAT’s corporate assets, preserve the company’s reputation, improve deterrence of fraud in the industry, and generally benefit customers and the public.

Anti-Fraud Hotline:
Phone Number : 866-646-5310