Loss Control Services

By embracing a proactive risk management culture you can have a major influence on controlling losses and the costs associated with them such as deductibles, higher premiums, loss of business as well as customer dissatisfaction. The best way to control losses is to prevent them before they happen. Our Loss Control Team will look at where you have been to help steer you toward where you want to go. Looking at your accident/incident history, we can help develop actionable solutions to make your company safer and more efficient.  

IAT Insurance Group has over three decades of experience identifying and shielding policyholders from unforeseen losses. Technical experts are strategically placed throughout the nation to respond to your loss control needs in a timely and capable manner. We provide the following services:

On-site Loss Control Evaluations

• Identify future areas loss could occur
• Determine how much money it could cost your company
• Develop a plan to reduce company losses
• Stay with you every step of the way to get plans in place, complete with annual follow-up to make sure everything is going smoothly.                                                                       

Online Resources/Training

• Quarterly safety newsletters
• Training videos (Transportation, OSHA, General Safety, Human Resources)
• Quick links to safety resources websites 
• Safety bulletins
• Safety training material

Benefits of IAT Insurance Group’s Loss Control Program

• We help bring your losses down
• As leaders in our field, we look at your company loss history to create a customized 
  plan to help your company avoid losses