To be eligible for comprehensive benefits coverage, employees must be full-time (30 hour/week).  Eligible employees may enroll their spouses and children up to age 26 in the health plans.


The Group Medical Plan is available to all full-time employees on their date date of hire.  It is a self-insured high-deductible health plan with a Health Savings Account component, administrated by United Healthcare (UHC) with access to UHC's provider network.  The medical plan pays for covered expenses in excess of the annual deductible and coinsurance.

Short-Term Disability

Short-Term Disability provides time-off with pay for personal illness or injury up to 25 weeks depending upon length of service.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

An HSA is a pre-tax savings account established to pay for qualified healthcare expenses incurred by employees who are covered under IAT's high-deductible health plan.  Employees can contribute pretax dollars into the HSA up to the IRS defined maximum.  The company provides pre-tax contributions to this account at the beginning of each year.  These pre-tax contributions are owned by the employee and may be used for deductibles, coinsurance, medical, dental, and vision expenses incurred by the employee and their dependents.  Any unused funds are retained in the employee's HSA and accumulate towards future healthcare expenses or retirement.


Dental coverage is available through United Healthcare.  Preventative oral exams, x-rays, lab and other diagnostic tests, fluoride treatments and sealants are covered at 100% when using in-network providers.  General services, including space maintainers and restorations, are covered at 80% while major services such as crowns, oral surgery, periodontics and inlays are covered at 50% when using in-network providers.


Vision coverage is available through United Healthcare Vision.  An in-network vision exam will be provided with a co-pay of $10.  Allowances are given for eyeglass lenses, frames and contacts.  A material co-pay of $10 will apply.  Out-of-network benefits are also available.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Healthcare accounts help manage out-of-pocket expenses by setting pre-tax money aside to use for eligible healthcare and dependent care expenses.