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Bookmark Our Coronavirus News Page and Other Tips for Working Remotely

March 18, 2020

As more employees move to a temporary remote work schedule, please familiarize yourself with the tips below on working from home, and bookmark this page on your laptop and mobile phone to stay up-to-date on IAT news related to coronavirus:
1.      Bring home the equipment you need
While some employees are fine with simply working from their laptop, others may want to bring home other equipment like your keyboard, mouse, monitors, docking station, headset, files, etc. You can bring this equipment home with you to work remotely; however, please remember that this equipment is IAT property and should not be used for personal streaming, videos, games, online classes, etc. 
2.      Limit your VPN use if possible
For some employees, having access to IAT's verified private network (VPN) is essential to accomplish critical work functions. To not overload the network for those who need to administer IAT's core functions, employees who do not need access should refrain from logging in or log in only to access what you need quickly and then log out. Keep in mind that email, phone and virtual meetings (Zoom) do not require VPN access. IAT University and HR Link are also available outside the VPN at the links below:
3.      Bookmark our external page:
IAT Connect, team sites and other tools may temporarily be unavailable to some of the IAT family. To combat this and help keep you informed, we've developed a temporary external page that lives off our network. To access helpful resources regarding working remotely, including how to connect to the VPN and other COVID-19 updates, visit and bookmark our new page on both your laptop and mobile phone:
4.      Beware – Phishing scams are on the rise
As more companies are implementing remote work schedules due to coronavirus, cyber attacks are spiking. Beware of email phishing scams and fake COVID-19 websites and links. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security agency advises employees to remain vigilant and take the following precautions during this time:
If you notice any suspicious activity, please email our IAT Cybersecurity team at, or call the IAT HelpDesk at 1-888-237-3363.   
We understand that working from home can be an adjustment for managers and employees. We thank you for your support as we all work to navigate through the impacts and adjustments needed as a result of COVID-19.