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COVID-19 Update - Questions and Answers

March 17, 2020

​​​We want to provide you with additional information on policy changes and questions you may have as a result of the coronavirus situation. 

Given this unprecedented situation, we have implemented the following policy changes:

  • All carryover PTO will be extended for use through July 31, 2020.
  • We are providing 10 sick days for illnesses with symptoms and severity that prevent you from being able to work from home through June 30, 2020. Please note that these days will not be deducted from your PTO. This time should be recorded as EPTO.​
  • We are restricting all air travel for business purposes.

In addition, we are working with our healthcare provider, United Healthcare, to provide free virtual visits (online doctor visits) for any employee or dependent enrolled in the IAT medical plan who is experiencing flu-like symptoms they think may be a result of coronavirus. IAT will be reimbursing the costs of these virtual visits and we will provide more details as soon as we have them. IAT will also cover the costs of testing for coronavirus at 100%. More details will be provided soon.

1.       If an employee is feeling ill, should they take the precaution to stay at home?

Absolutely. Sick employees are required to stay at home. Given this unprecedented situation, we are providing 10 additional sick days for illnesses with symptoms and severity that prevent you from being able to work from home through June 30, 2020. Please note that these days will not be deducted from your PTO. This time should be recorded as EPTO. If you have any concerns or questions, please speak with your manager.

2.       If I do demonstrate symptoms of the virus, will I need a medical form completed by a physician before I am allowed back to work?

Yes, you will be required to provide a doctor's note. The virtual visit may be used for this.

3.       If I don't have any symptoms but I have been exposed to someone that has the virus, can I work from home?  For how long?

Yes, if you have been exposed to someone with known COVID-19, you must follow CDC guidelines and self-quarantine in your home for 14 days symptom free. We will make every effort to provide you with the ability to work from home during this period. As a reminder, everyone should bring their laptop homes every night.

4.       I'm an hourly employee and I only get paid for the hours I work.  Will I be able to work from home?  What if I don't have a laptop?  

Yes, due to the Coronavirus situation, non-exempt employees will be allowed to work from home as outlined by their managers.  We are working quickly to secure a laptop for every employee.

Non-exempt employees must record their actual hours worked daily (start times, breaks, ending times, etc.).  They should work their normal number of hours, and any overtime hours must be preapproved.  Managers should approve the non-exempt employee's time daily.

5.       What do I do if my children are home from school? Do I have to take PTO or can I work from home?

​You can work from home as long as you have prior approval from your manager and a work from home plan is in place. We are working diligently to expand our remote access capability to all of our employees to provide flexibility through this period.

6.       Should an employee's existing planned vacation be cancelled due to the virus, how can carry-over vacation be managed? 

We are extending carryover PTO through the end of July.

7.       Will we permit overtime for people that are covering for those out ill?

Yes, we will handle overtime as we do currently, subject to your manager's approval.

8.       What do I do if I don't have internet/stable internet at my house?

It's highly recommended that all employees have home internet with a minimum speed of 100 Mbps, and individual situations should be addressed with your manager. 

9.       Can I take home equipment from the office? (monitors, docking/power stations, headsets, video camera, etc.)

​​Yes, we expect employees working remotely to bring their current equipment home and we are working diligently to expand this across the organization.

Please know that information that is shared via these FAQ's could have different responses based upon future information or changes about information we have as it relates to Coronavirus.